The Art Of Aesthetics

Let Practice Beauty Clinic revolutionise your self-confidence with their signature treatments

One of the biggest concerns that every bride and groom has is ensuring they look and feel their best when it matters most – in front of the camera. Aesthetic procedures can help you achieve this, giving you a new lease of confidence and happiness ahead of your Big Day. From laser hair removal to anti-ageing procedures there is a variety of treatments to meet your need; but it’s imperative that you only get them done by a qualified professional such as Dr Saba Khan who is the Consulting Doctor at the Practice Beauty Clinic in Surrey.

This full- service clinic specialises in treatments that in particular, will help you prepare for your wedding. Dr Saba explains: “Any bride can come to us and have all their concerns addressed and a plan of treatments mapped out to focus and tackle them all. We focus on making the process special and enjoyable and most importantly applying our expertise. Bridal packages are created bespoke for every client and include treatments that specially focus on the face, skin and any problem areas that they’re worried about. I love that clients leave feeling better than when they came in, with that little bit of extra confidence.”

Dr Saba Khan An NHS Doctor for over 20 years, Dr Saba Khan has been working in aesthetics for five years and opened the Practice Beauty Clinic in 2017

Dr Saba Khan’s recommendations for pre-wedding aesthetic procedures

Laser Hair Removal
The removal of unwanted body and facial hair can completely change your life, giving you a newfound feeling of body confidence and beauty. Every client receives a full consultation before any treatment including doing a patch test. Practice Beauty Clinic uses a fast laser that moves quickly over large areas so treatments are short and thanks to their state-of-the-art cooling machine that pushes cooled air against the skin at the same time as the laser treatment, it feels almost painless.

Treatments are typically undertaken every four to six weeks and depending on your hair type, you may require six to 12 sessions. Over time your hair will reduce, become finer and disappear leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin. It’s recommended that you start your treatment as early as possible ahead of your wedding date.

An extremely popular treatment, and one favoured by celebrities, Lipoform treatments can reduce cellulite, shape your body by contouring, tightening and firming up areas and create fat loss where you will lose inches from your body. You can focus on any area including your tummy, face, or whole body. It’s safe and results are guaranteed. Dr Saba explains: “The Lipofirm is a very effective but straightforward treatment. It’s done by applying heat and deep muscle activation with massage, that destroy the fat cells while also toning and tightening the muscles.”

Treatments are usually over eight courses and they are even more effective when you also make positive lifestyle changes such as drinking water, maintaining a healthy diet and doing regular exercise.

Geneo+ facials
You might not expect to find facials on the treatment list at an aesthetic clinic, but the Geneo+ is unlike regular facials you find at spas. They are just as relaxing, but the treatments are targeted at giving you long-lasting results which start from your first one. Dr Saba Khan explains: “This treatment uses medical-grade technology to infuse treatments into the skin as well as tightening the facial muscles giving an immediate facial lift and glow, which makes them much more effective than a regular facial. Every bride should get one done. It will make an immediate difference giving you instant confidence so you can fully enjoy your wedding day knowing you look the best you’ve ever been.”

To book a consultation with Dr Saba Khan and her team, contact her at:
Practice Beauty Clinic, 73 Thames St, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6AD