Hypnotherapy Massage

You’ve heard of hypnotherapy and you’ve probably been for a massage but did you know there’s also a therapy where both of these ancient healing traditions are combined? Technically, a massage can sometimes place you in such a relaxed state that you feel hypnotised, and even lulled into a light sleep, but when the two practices are integrated with intention, the results are a complete body, mind transformation.

Hypnotherapy massage works by either placing you in a hypnotic trance before the massage treatment begins or just as it starts. While under hypnosis the therapist will instruct you to move body parts, which you won’t even notice you’re doing, yet your body will know how to react. So, rather than speaking to the therapist and telling them you want the pressure harder or softer which can often ruin the flow of a massage, your body will do all the talking.

The benefits of a hypnotherapy massage exceed a traditional massage on many levels. It’s the ultimate de-stress for your muscles but also unblocks any mental build-ups of tension and anxiety that you may not even know you have. Plus, you’ll still get to enjoy the full experience of being in a private space with calming music. The only flaw we can see is that because you’ll be dozing off you might not remember the feeling of the massage, but you’ll experience the benefits.

Hypnotherapy massage treatments should only be undertaken by trained hypnotherapists. Sessions typically last a blissful two hours.