Recipe Of The Week | Spicy Chicken Tower Burgers | Poonam Ball

Today Poonam Ball from Madhu’s shares with us her recipe for tasty spicy chicken tower burgers. Filled with crispy chicken fillets, overloaded with salad and finished off with some melted cheese. If you are looking for a cheat day meal, we got it covered.


For the chicken mince patties:
1kg chicken mince
15g green chilli, chopped
15g red chilli, chopped
20g garlic, chopped
10g coriander, chopped
15g Salt
2g Pepper, course
4g red chilli powder

Chicken fillet:
3 breast butterflied into 2 (6 pieces)
10g garlic, chopped
15g red and green chilli, chopped
5g Salt
1g Black Pepper
10g chopped coriander
Touch of oil

Brioche buns x 6
Cheddar cheese slices

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