Behold Bali

A melting pot of culture, creativity and natural beauty, Fariha Sabir-Bajwa explores the best of Bali with her husband, whilst staying at the finest hotels on the island

Mystical, creative and enriching, Bali boasts awe-inspiring nature in the form of beaches, volcanoes, lakes, mountains, waterfalls and lush tropical greenery. The relaxed vibe of the locals is contagious and the diversity of the island is refreshing. From the trendy and creatively themed hangouts of Seminyak, the myriad of soul inspiring temples, to the natural wonders of the cultural centre of Ubud, amidst enigmatic cultural and religious ceremonies. Bali has it all.

Focus On: Alila Seminyak

Sitting atop of its pedestal on Bali’s southwest coast, in the trendiest part of the island is Alila Seminyak, majestically overlooking the mesmerising Indian Ocean and boasting unrivalled beach views. The sunsets in Bali are ragingly beautiful, revealing an eruption of colours that we never knew the sky was concealing. Reflections of the masterpiece on the ocean remain etched in our minds.

Sophisticated and chic décor complements the swanky facade of this five star, popular resort, peppered with lush greenery and each suite decked out in contemporary design, complete with a balcony. In keeping with the well-known Balinese hospitality, we were delighted by frequent surprises in our room featuring cookies, fruits and other treats, thanks to the lovely attentive staff.

Experience coastal dining at its finest at Seasalt, where you can tuck into scrumptious sea food and dishes with a Japanese twist, tantalising your tastebuds with every morsel, whilst the powerful, yet soothing notes of the waves crashing against the shore fill your ears. The breakfast buffet is impressive, with a spread fit for a king.

Their infamous Beach Bar draws in a superbly glamorous crowd amalgamated with locals and tourists alike, all preened to look their best to impress, keen to absorb the enchanting views, whilst sipping on delicious drinks, followed by a dip in one of their five infinity pools. At sunset, we swayed to live music and singers against a spellbinding scene, before the evening transcended to a cooler vibe with the DJ spinning mellow tunes into the night. Taking a stroll, hand in hand along the moonlit beach at night, alongside the bellowing waves is one of the many reasons this resort is a honeymooners dream come true. 

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Focus On: Prasana By Arjani Resorts

Discreetly tucked away off the beaten track in Uluwatu, South Bali, lies a hidden gem of a boutique hotel. At Prasana By Arjani Resorts, we stayed in a charming one bedroom villa, which really was a home away from home. There is a calming aura about the place as soon as you arrive, partly thanks to the secluded location and also due to the quaint greenery and array of flowers framing the walkways, along with the authentic stone-carved figures greeting you around the hotel.

The contemporary furnishings perfectly complemented the sleek finishing of carved wooden doors and parquet floors, whilst the plush bathroom featured a his and hers sink/mirror, with an enthralling rainfall shower, complete with an outdoor, intimate space with a grand stone bathtub, where you can look up at the open sky between wooden beams enveloped in green vines and blooms. Bliss.

Dining here is an absolute treat, whether a plate of fish and chips or a traditional dish like Nasi Goreng, expect tantalizing flavours and immaculate presentation that will linger long after on your tastebuds, amidst a restaurant that oozes chic class. Savour the delights of the freshest and most exotic fruit and veg one can find, washed down with delectable concoctions of drinks.

Let the woes of the world dissolve with each massage stroke in the retreat of Menaka Spa, offering a range of the finest treatments to get pampered with your other half. The polite and mild-mannered nature of the Balinese is reflected amongst the warm and attentive team who looked after us so well, ensuring we had the most relaxing and pampered stay.

Outdoor spaces and complete privacy are winning honeymoon points for these villas, boasting a huge pool in the garden, along with a lounger, a shaded cosy corner sofa to snuggle up to your loved one and a handy kitchen area for refreshments. Revel in the idyllic peaceful surroundings, only a stone’s throw away from the nearby hustle and bustle of Bali’s ebb and flow. Feel anew and refreshed whilst savouring the tranquillity and soothing atmosphere, encompassing nature, intimacy, calm and supreme luxury. Car horns are replaced by the melodious sing-song of the birds. Absorb views of tropical greenery and spot the azure of the Indian Ocean in the horizon. Sunsets in Bali are renowned for being passionately romantic – hues of marigold and fire, simmering into a field of peonies and finally disappearing into the midnight blue of the sky.

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