Falling In Love

Fariha Sabir-Bajwa explores the quaint town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, discovering its breath-taking natural wonders, dramatic scenery and warm Zimbabwean spirit

As a young teen, my growing appetite to travel and explore was first embedded when I stumbled upon a spellbinding image. That wondrous sight of Victoria Falls, complete with a fairytalesque rainbow, became etched in my mind.

Although the Victoria Falls are located in Zambia, the charming town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe boasts captivating views of the falls. Perched upon an elevated pedestal, Victoria Falls Safari Club overlooks Zambezi National Park. The visage of a giraffe peering through the greenery, or a vulture sitting atop a tree against the backdrop of the dramatic horizon, is reminiscent of a scene from Jurassic Park. So there’s no surprise that evidence of dinosaurs is prevalent in the region, dating as far back as 200 million years ago.

Victoria Falls Safari Club felt exclusive and intimate, with only 20 boutique rooms. My spacious suite stayed true to its African heritage, echoing earthy colours, tribal prints and wooden textures. Offering panoramic views of the pristine landscape, a sense of serenity prevailed as I sat at my balcony, serenaded by the melody of nature, featuring an orchestra of exotic birds and insects.

A dining highlight was restaurant The Boma, featuring delectable African cuisine in an authentic setting, where the accompaniment of live entertainment showcased the delights of African culture. The grand finale was an interactive drumming bonanza, where drums were passed around the audience, who quickly followed in pursuit of the rhythmic beat.

During the Vulture Culture experience every afternoon, the Safari Club scattered old meat, inviting a flurry of gigantic vultures to feed. This is just one demonstration of their significant conservation efforts to continue nature’s legacy, as well as founding the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit.

The warmth of the Zimbabwean folk particularly struck a chord with me. From the hotel’s cheerful team and knowledgeable Trevor who took me on safari, to Zulu our passionate guide, whose love for the town was heartwarming.

My first glance of the Victoria Falls took my breath away, undoubtedly living up to its prestigious title as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. The guided walking tour was invigorating, meandering past infinite flurries of gushing water, absorbing the poetic bellowing as the water hit the bottom of its journey, feeling the mystical spray on your skin. As you continue, the unbelievable length of this colossal canopy of misty aqua is revealed, resonant of the local description Mosi-Ao-Tunya or the ‘Smoke That Thunders’. During a helicopter ride, the sheer beauty and scale of this wondrous natural spectacle was unforgettable. As the sun hit the brilliant cascade, I saw a familiar hued arc, the rainbow against the backdrop of the magnificent Victoria Falls, just like the image my teenage self aspired to see, which lured me here. 

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