Love At First Sip

The perfect pairing doesn’t stop at you. Drinks specialists Brijwasi Events will ensure your drinks are a match made in heaven, complimenting every element of your Big Day

Cheers to the newlyweds! Raising a glass to toast the happy couple is a wedding tradition but it’s not the only significant time when drinks take centre stage at your celebrations. Whether you’re hosting an intimate affair or a large-scale event, what you serve and how you serve it is a decision that’s of utmost importance and best left to the experts.

Hiring a bar company
When you’re viewing wedding venues you may be shown areas where a bar can be set up. When it comes to who runs that bar, Brijwasi will elevate your evening from an ordinary party into an experience.

Amar Dattani, the Managing Director of Brijwasi explains why having the right bar is so important: “there’s no one type of bar that’s right for a wedding which is why we create bespoke bars. From the welcome drinks to a celebratory toast and evening cocktails, couples often don’t realise how many key moments in the day are related to drinks. As your drinks company, it’s our responsibility to ensure guest’s needs are met while providing a seamless five-star experience.”

Bespoke bars
Most venues typically have a standard bar, which can work for some events depending on the scale and drinks menu. However, if your menu features cocktails, mocktails, spirits, beers and wines you’ll need a bar that’s fully functional with a team that can manage timings. The advantage of Brijwasi’s bars are that each unit comes with ice wells, speed rails, running water facilities and garnish caddies which enables our mixologists to create amazing drinks without any delays.

All our bars can be personalised with printed cladding on the front and sides to compliment the décor, creating a flow from the DJ booth and dance floor through to the most important area of the night; The Bar.

Mouth-watering menus
Brijwasi are constantly innovating new service concepts to provide your guests with great experiences, from outdoor G&T and whiskey bars to creative bar styling and slow frozen ice cubes. But alcoholic drinks are only one option. If your wedding is teetotal and no alcohol will be served, your guests can still enjoy a luxury bar experience. Amar reassures: “Soft drinks and mocktails deserve to be served with the same level of sophistication as cocktails. Our extensive range of beverage packages include premium mocktail bars, cold pressed juices and creative smoothie bars.


Quench your thirst with advice from a professional. Amar Dattani Managing Director at Brijwasi Events answers your drink-related queries.

With 18 years in the events and drinks industry, Amar has a wealth of experience in ways to enhance your next event. A specialist in creating bespoke premium drinks experiences, he’s the go-to guy for all your beverage needs.

What happens if you run out of drinks?
This is a common concern for couples that worry that the all-inclusive nature of a drinks package may not cover the needs of their guests. They may have been to previous weddings where drinks have run out however at Brijwasi we guarantee that will never happen at your event. Your chosen menu will be available throughout the event – even the most popular cocktail won’t run out. As a premium drinks company, this is one of our values, we make sure everyone gets what they ask for.

We want our wedding to have the wow factor – how can a bar help create a day that everyone talks about?
Generosity is the number one take- away from any wedding. Guests appreciate being spoilt. A ‘free bar’ is expected but the surprise is giving them a luxury drinking experience that feels like a five-star hotel.

Details are key and when it comes to design, at Brijwasi we like to unify the whole bar experience. From great bar styling using props to match your theme to personalised slow frozen ice cubes to wow your guests, we enhance your event by keeping you in mind all the time!

Our mixologists love creating bespoke cocktails and mocktails for your wedding. We take inspiration from your favourite ingredients, flavours and style. For one client, a popular influencer, the cocktail we created for them was so popular it’s remained on our cocktail menu and continues to be a hit with everyone who tries it. Book us for a consultation to discuss how we can elevate your event.

We’re thinking of providing our own stock, what’s your advice?
Most bride and grooms consider this as they feel it will save them money, but in truth, it usually ends up costing the same but with added stress. Buying your own drinks can lead to many problems. You won’t know what and how much stock to buy, coordinating delivery to your venue can be a headache, then there’s managing the drinks service, hiring glasses and someone also needs to take responsibility for drinks at the end of the night. These tasks are best left to a professional.

Trend Forecast 2024

Amar shares his predictions for what you’ll be drinking at weddings over the next 12 months…

Tequila Time

Gin has been the number one spirit in the industry for the last few years. They’ve been the inspiration for weddings too, where we’ve served a range of gin and tonic bars alongside our bespoke packages. Crafting G&Ts with fresh seasonal fruits, herbs and gin botanicals is a guest pleaser.

For 2024 as an alternative to gin, there’ll be a move towards tequila. We’ve seen a rise in guests asking for Tequila cocktails or Tequila as a mixer with soda. In response we’ve created a range of tequila cocktails. My favourite is the spicy margarita, using 100% agave tequila, fresh lime, coriander, red chilli and agave this cocktail is going to be on 80% of our 2024 menus.

Sustainable Cocktails 

Just like other aspects of life, sustainability is now a priority across the wedding industry including drinks. Sustainable cocktails are drinks that harmonise with nature, from using seasonal ingredients like fruits and herbs to creating less wastage and conserving energy when making them.

This means using seasonal fresh fruits that are locally sourced to make our purees and using preserving methods like dehydration to create garnishes for future events. For example, there’s a lot of lemon and lime waste in cocktails, they are thrown out after a couple of squeezes, however but they can be kept, dehydrated and used as edible garnish.

Our menus may change each season to reflect seasonal produce, but the quality will remain the same.

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