Recipe Of The Week | Haddi Keema | Poonam Ball

Today Poonam Ball from Madhu’s shares with us a Madhu’s speciality recipe for mouth-watering Haddi Keema. A heartwarming dish great for a family dinner. Why not give it a go and upgrade a simple keema dish into something extra special.


40ml Rapeseed oil
75g Butter
40g Ginger paste
40g Garlic paste
10g Haldi powder (Turmeric)
250g Brown onion paste
250g Tomato puree
15g Green chilli paste
1kg Lamb mince
500g Lamb shank bones
15g Red chilli powder
20g Salt
10g Garam masala
7g Ajwain powder
4g Katsuri methi
5g Black pepper powder
Fresh coriander as garnish

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