Hot And Upcoming: 2021 British Asian Singers

We’re excited to bring you the hottest British-Asian singers we think will set the stage for a record-breaking 2021!

With new tunes and soulful voices, and an R&B twist, we’re excited to introduce 2021’s top upcoming talent!

Ahmad Rubani
26 -year-old folk singer from West Midlands has been termed an ‘undeniable rising star.’ Ahmad started out singing in charity events and has received over a million views on Youtube. His rendition of pop release, “Khair Mangda,” became the Track of the Week on BBC  Asian Network Radio.

Asha Gold
With irresistible melodies and dance-along rhythms, R&B standout Asha Gold has taken the music industry by storm with her three singles, “Debut”, “Passenger”, and “Too Good.” With stunning vocals and emotive songwriting that has won hearts across Britain, she cites inspiration from Beyonce and Billie Eilish. Bringing urban to Asian music, she is the next pop star in the making.

Bilal Shahid
The Bangla-infused contemporary R&B artist has reworked classic folk tracks and re-introduced them with a bang and a twist. An unmissable gem, Bilal is blazing the way for a new music era.

Hana Malik
Manchester’s 21-year-old, Hana Malik, has delivered R&B tracks with a catchy and unique hook. Her versatility and relatable lyrics of her singles, “Call on Me” and “Rainy Day”, have fans obsessed. We’re looking forward to her next single!

Nish Asher
East London’s Nish has been recording faith music since 13 and now turns to the international Pakistani music scene to make new waves in the industry. Having recently recorded a theme tune for a popular HUM TV Drama and collaborated with Farhan Saeed on the track Prem Gali, Nish is undoubtedly a talent to look out for!

Raf Saperra
Tipped as one of the breakthrough names for the UK Punjabi music scene, Raf is set on bringing a new wave of the UK’s Punjabi subculture to the British music scene! He recently paired up with 1N87 Clothing for their Black Lives Matter Campaign. The ‘Murder Never Dies Freestyle’ provides the point of view of parents that have lost children, infused with a cold and grimy Punjabi Folklore music backdrop. Raf’s incredible talents showcase him as a unique and rising star.

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