Backstage Pass Birmingham 2018

Ever wondered how we put together the infamous Asiana Catwalk shows? It’s all thanks to the team…

The atmosphere backstage at every Asiana fashion show is one that’s filled with excitement, buzz and a touch of stress! A team of over 100 people including the AV team, MUAs, hair-stylists, wardrobe dressers, choreographer and production team are required for every show which take weeks to prepare. From deciding how to style the outfits with which jewellery and accessories, through to the Catwalk Beauty Sponsor creating a look and training up her team to deliver it, it’s an intense affair.

For The Asiana Bridal Show Birmingham, Celebrity MUA Joggy Kang took on the challenge of our most glamorous show to date. Not only was Joggy responsible for ensuring every model walked onto the catwalk looking immaculate and ready for the cameras, she was also in charge of the beauty look for the show’s VIP showstopper, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor – no pressure then!

Joggy Kang Team (L-R) Fazila Malik, Saria Begum, Jeevan Kallu, Heleena Gandham, Rina Bains, Sangeeta Kaur, Asma Khalifa, Ruksana Amjad, Jahanara Begum, Vanisha Jay Patel, Quarat Elaine, Jatinder Kaur Kudhail, Anita Parmar, Nadiea Mahmood, Uzma Amjad, Safeena Yasir, Davinder Kaur, Farzana Kosar, Amarjit Kaur Kallu, Inqesahr Yours

Joggy remained cool, calm and collected throughout the hectic day, which is how she managed to pull off such an outstanding effort. The celebrated Make-Up Artist who runs the Joggy Kang Academy for aspiring MUAs is no stranger to high profile bookings. She’s made over a number of stars and celebrities including Bipasha Basu for this edition of the magazine. For the show however she knew all eyes would be on her artistry as she was whisked off to a secret location within the National Motorcycle Museum to make over the film industries most fashionable actress. She says: “Sonam was even more elegant than I imagined. She has flawless A’list features and although she’s used to getting her make-up done, she took a real interest in the look I created for her.”

After Sonam made her entrance she was invited back onto stage by Host Momtaz Begum-Hossain who then invited Joggy to join them. And despite being exhausted from the day’s events she was beaming. She said: “Seeing Sonam on stage beside me was nerve-wracking but also a proud moment. When I started out as an MUA I never thought my journey would be so memorable. A huge thank you to all my team who assisted at the event, I couldn’t have done it without you!”